Farhan Rafly Fahrezi Saepulloh

Frontend Web Developer

I am a student of Universitas Komputer Indonesia, majoring in Informatics Engineering. I understand I have a passion for technology, so I began to explore and discover technology since I was sitting in elementary school. When I`m in senior high school, I decide to take Informatics Engineering for my university. Moreover, now I`m delighted in Computer Science, I`m continuously impressed with the technology that has been created, and I wish I can make innovation for a better future. I focused on web development, especially on the front-end side.


2015 - 2016

Member of Student Council

Darul Hikam Senior High School

2016 - 2017

President of Student Council Candidate

Darul Hikam Senior High School

2016 - 2017

ROHIS - Rohani Islam

Darul Hikam Senior High School

2016 - 2017

HIROKOBA - Himpunan ROHIS Kota Bandung 1438H

Bandung City

2019 - 2020

Minister of Competition


2019 - present

Front-end Web Developer


2020 - 2021

Google Developer Student Club Member



Front-end Web Developer

Kaderisasi Salman ITB

Area Of Expertise

Web Development

I love web development since 2018, especially on the front-end side, I've learned a lot about web development such as how to make a mobile-first website, how to handle website when user is offline or we called as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), how to optimized website for all devices and other amazing things.

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React is a library who can made developing website is more easier. I love how React thinking or they called as thinking in React, like the way we need to break the UI into a component hierarchy is too damn good. I used React or it's framework for the most of my products or projects.

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Next.js is web framework based on React. I love how Next.js handle data fetching, it's a unique things from Next.js. The way they letting the devs to choose how to fetching the data is so lovely, we have many options to choose. Next.js is my favorite framework, I used this framework when I need or maybe need server to process/fetching data.

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Gatsby is a web framework based on React, this framework generate static website at the end. Perfect for website does not need server. Gatsby have GraphQL technology inside, so don't need to configure anymore if want to using GraphQL. I used this framework when I using Contentful as the CMS, because Contentful support GraphQL and it is easier to use, i think.

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