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Send message to Whatsapp account quickly without saving the number first

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No more share a tweet with a screenshot. Paste your tweet link and we will generate an image of a tweet for you. Thanks to Beautweet.

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Qur'an is the holy book of Islam, all muslims need to read this holy book. I created Qur'an Apps using web as the platform so make it's more simple to read and can be ready everywhere anywhere. This app have Indonesian translation and audio support. Supported by Open Source API

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My Blog

My blog is talking about Programming, Development, Technology or anything that maybe helps you to get better things in life or make your life is more easier. Using markdown as the format for the articles and Contentful as the Content Management System (CMS).

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Foodicted is food corner that have a lot of foods, drinks and desserts and integrated with LINE login. This project is used for Dicoding Academy - Belajar Membangun LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) submission.

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Tabu is an application that gives you valid and trustworthy information about woman sexual health that helps the young woman to solve their sexual problems without asking for anybody or search on the internet with worried about where is the valid information. Tabu have features like news feed and Tanya Tabu based on a chatbot. We hope Tabu can search for woman sexual health more comfortable and with no worried.

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